Ahu Dural (Collaboration: Sarah Autenrieth, Hanni Pannier): AUSGEWACHSEN

„We are in a densely built-up area where living space has become increasingly expensive in recent years. It is being built, changed, replaced, gentrified, people moving in, people moving out, who owns the city? Miniature biotopes, including wild green wastelands, have long since disappeared or are shrinking every day. My design is intended to give space to industrious insects, creepers and above all a (city) plant, such as the dandelion in this design – which can even break through asphalt! – The plants are also an analogy: their size emphasises the need to pay more attention to the living spaces of adolescents by sharpening our focus on their needs within the urban space. Thinking more generously about urban architecture and open spaces can broaden our horizons and leads to the following meaning: We have not yet grown up, give us the living space to do so!“ (quote from explanatory report)

Two outdoor sculptures and a group of sculptures in the school building are proposed. The objects in the outdoor space are a dandelion over 8 metres high and an equally oversized snail (height 120 cm) with a snail shell in the shape of a drinks can. In the school building, three ants carry a giant pencil. The dandelion, the snail and the three ants are to be coloured in aluminium. The snail’s house made of Lusatian granite is to be designed in the shape of a dented drinks can.

The enlargement is also intended to emphasise the need to pay careful attention to habitats – including those of children.

Explanatory report AUSGEWACHSEN

Ahu Dural