There are complex requirements for public spaces; numerous issues such as road space utilisation, noise protection, flora and fauna or monument protection must be taken into account. The associated legal framework provides for the use of public space with an exceptional authorisation in the form of a special use permit. For the realisation of temporary cultural and artistic projects in public spaces in the Mitte district of Berlin, an application for a special use permit must therefore be submitted to the licensing authority, the Straßen- und Grünflächenamt des Bezirksamts Mitte von Berlin.

The Department of Urban Culture offers free advice on the subject of art and culture in urban spaces. This gives artists, curators and cultural professionals the opportunity to clarify questions regarding the approval of their artistic project for public spaces before submitting an application.

The consultation hours take place online (video call) every Tuesday from 10:00 to 12:30. We kindly ask you to registrate.

Art in urban space deals with the historical, social and architectural complexity of urban space and creates forums through which socially relevant topics are publicised, discussed and reflected upon. For a limited period of time, the aim is to open up new perspectives on urban spaces with site-specific artistic works, to expand them with alternative narratives and to create visions of how the city in its complexity can continue to be liveable for everyone in the future. An extensive mediation and discourse programme frames the works and invites visitors to engage intensively with art in urban space, architecture and urban development.

With KISR – Art in Urban Space, the Department of Urban Culture has developed a format with which it explores these questions in ever-changing neighbourhoods in the Mitte district.