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We use art to negotiate urban culture, participation and planning in Berlin.

Art in urban space

Art in urban space deals with the historical, social and/or architectural complexity of urban space and creates forums through which socially relevant topics are made public, discussed and reflected upon.


Percent-for-art is a measure-related artistic work that is created in connection with public construction measures (building construction and civil engineering). It can be of a temporary or permanent nature. Since 1979, there has been an administrative regulation for the realization of art in public construction projects. The state of Berlin is committed to this tradition and wants to further strengthen the status of art in architecture and art in urban space, including its mediation, maintenance and documentation.








In order to enable young people to develop their personality and creative potential, the right framework conditions are needed. The Cultural Education department shapes, promotes and networks lively cultural education work in the Mitte district and enables children and young people to actively participate in the cultural and artistic life of society, to help shape it and to take on responsibility.


Art, culture and history are important components of public space and socio-spatial urban development. The areas of activity of our Urban Culture department include art in buildings, art in urban spaces and cultural urban and location development in the Mitte district.