Kulisse, msk7, Percent for Art, Primary School Charlotte Pfeffer, Credits: msk7, 2021

Charlotte Pfeffer School

On 28 January 2016, the jury for the „Kunst am Bau“ competition „Umbau Schulstandort Berolinastraße“ met and unanimously recommended the „Kulisse“ design by the msk7 group (Mona Babl, Kati Gausmann, Ricarda Mieth and Anja Sonnenburg) for implementation. The school site at Berolinastraße 8 in Berlin-Mitte will be used by a school with a special educational focus on „mental development“ following the closure of the Berolina secondary school in 2010/2011. Currently, 11 classes with 86 pupils are accommodated in temporary rooms. In connection with the conversion work, the Berlin Mitte district office organised a restricted, single-stage art in architecture competition in accordance with the building instructions. A total of up to 75,500 euros is available for the realisation of the art project. This includes all costs for fees, direction, material and production costs including all ancillary costs. The completion and inauguration of the new building and the art is planned for the first construction phase in 2017 and the outdoor facilities for 2019/2020. The remodelling is planned during ongoing operations.