House of Youth at Nauener Platz

On June 22, 2018, the jury convened for the non-open, single-phase, anonymous art in architecture competition in connection with the renovation and conversion of the children’s, youth and family center on Nauener Platz.

The artists Susanne Bosch, Sol Calero, Klaas Hübner, Jasmina Lobet and Luis Pons as well as Alice Musiol were invited to take part in the competition. Chaired by artist Thorsten Goldberg, the jury discussed all the submitted artistic designs in detail and unanimously recommended the realization of the design „kommen und gehen | verweilen“ by artist Susanne Bosch. The design „Weight“ by Alice Musiol was awarded 2nd place and „Casa Nauener“ by Sol Calero 3rd place. The children’s, youth and family center at Nauener Platz is a place where users of different ages and backgrounds meet, get together and also part again. However, they always form „a temporary second home“ in this place, as Susanne Bosch writes. She takes this as the starting point for her work „come and go | linger“.