Town hall forecourt Wedding

On 11 May 2015, the jury for the restricted art competition „Rathausumfeld Wedding“ recommended the realisation of the competition design „Weddinger Worte“ by Moabit artist Pfelder.

The area around the town hall and library (Müllerstraße 146 – 147, 13353 Berlin) is one of the most important public spaces and places of identification in the district of Berlin-Wedding. At the same time, the area forms the core of the active centre and redevelopment area Müllerstraße; it is located within the „Bildungsband“ (educational ribbon) running in an east-west direction, from the Virchow Clinic to the northern Leopoldplatz. The square, which was created at the beginning of the 1960s when the new town hall was built, is getting on in years and its green areas in the south-western part in particular are currently not very inviting. In connection with the redesign of the square, the Mitte district office of Berlin organised a restricted, single-stage art competition in 2015 in accordance with the Bau directive. A total of up to 15,000 euros is available for the realisation of the art project. This includes all costs for fees, direction, material and production costs, including all ancillary costs. The completion and inauguration of the square and the art is planned for autumn 2016.