Concept excerpt:
The three-part sculpture group „Blueprint“ playfully connects opposites and resolves them with a broad grin. Apparent opposites such as water and land, east and west, monarchy and anarchy, fish and cat, fin and paw, scales and fur are brought into relationship with each other.

The blue figures do not need to „perch on top of each other“ or „walk side by side“. They confidently mark their connection and intention to belong together through congruent positions (respective sections of the courtyards) and visual features (the color blue and emoticons). The fish and cat know best: together we are more than the sum of our parts. The paw is an offering, as there is no direct touch despite the spiral spring, but rather an animation for thought: What if? Is the fish being waved at? Will it be caught soon, or does the paw even demonstrate the surmountable dissolution of spatial separation?

The contextualization of the objects in the city’s history, consisting of two animal figures and a paw, is based on the color blue. It provides the project with a historical, aesthetic, and thematic framework. The installation reflects similarities and differences between the historic Luisenstadt (named after Queen Luise) and the legendary district of Kreuzberg 36, through the use of a contemporary Berlin blue. The final tone is nuanced with traffic blue (RAL 5017) or sky blue (RAL 5015), reducing the reddish tint (as in royal blue). This nuance forms a harmonious complement to the color of the facade relief on the ground floor.

Two adjacent neighborhoods—long influenced by the construction, division, and fall of the Berlin Wall—are united by shades of blue and their carrier animals. Figure, color, and positioning on and along the wall hint at the existence of original waterways. The course of the Luisenstadt canal to the Spree also coincided with the course of the Berlin Wall.

The ensemble of two animal figures and a paw aims to infect every viewer—whether large or small—with a smile. An inspiring laughter brings down barriers in the pace of a domino effect. It transfers like tracing from paper to paper, flowing seamlessly from person to person. Cat, fish, and paw serve as the anchor points for this blueprint. They symbolize their message by linking smiley faces on bodies and a visual language that is organic and cartoonish in nature. This relationship aims to bring together self-assurance with humor.

Ahu Dural